Since the beginning of Spring,  we have been enjoying hours of daily sunshine. Have you noticed how much better our bones and muscles have responded in the warmer weather when exercising?  This is because in lower temperatures, the muscles feel tight to move and the joints ache more so it can always be a struggle to exercise.

Autumn is now on it’s way and temperatures are slowly starting to fall.  We are likely to experience periods of wet, damp and cold conditions and you may find that you begin to feel more stiff and achy, not as flexible as before and not really feeling like wanting to get out of bed! Did you know staying in bed too long can affect the skeletal system so we advise keeping to a good sleep routine!

Just like we need to make sure our cars are roadworthy and in good driveable condition for the winter months, we also need to service our bodies to ensure we are prepared physically and mentally for the coming seasonal change! So why not call the Back2normal team to see if you have any new bad habits your body might be compensating for like stiffness in the mornings!

Back2normal would rather find the cause of the problem rather than only treat the symptoms and help you to find the areas that are screaming for help!