Walking is what we all do. It is how we get from place to place; it is what some of us enjoy the most! It was even encouraged throughout Lockdown to go walking as part of our daily exercise.  We all do it differently, all in different speeds, leg stride and so on.

But why is walking good for the spine?

Walking strengthens the muscles supporting the spine.  Every time we walk, we train and strengthen our muscles in our feet, legs, hips and torso, all of which stabilise and support the spine.

Walking or any type of movement helps get the blood pumped around the body, supplying every organ, muscle and tissue with oxygen and nutrition as well as remove waste products.

Every time we walk, we can maintain our range of motion, balance and posture and in turn our flexibility.

Walking even improves our bone strength and helps our weight-bearing joints.

Walking is a low impact exercise which can help us maintain a healthy weight and avoid added stress on our spine.

Other benefits?

A good walk can clear the mind and do wonders for your mental wellbeing.  It can reduce stress, anxiety and improve your mood and sleep quality.

What is stopping you? Lockdown has encouraged us all to stop and think about our daily lives so why not make a positive change today and go for a walk! Back2normal promises you won’t regret it!