With Lockdown being eased, some of us may be looking forward to a holiday abroad, some of us may be put off due to the everchanging quarantine restrictions. Either way, the possibility of a holiday abroad can seem so far away and many of us are in desperate need of a break and something exciting to look forward to! The staycation is looking ever more inviting! If you are lucky enough to have some time away booked there are a few things to look out for….


One of the most common patient complaints after any type of holiday is a sore neck and back. This is probably due to sleeping conditions especially if you have been camping, or if the beds and pillows at the hotel are too hard or too soft. The time we spend in our beds counts for almost a third of our day so we should try and spend that time as comfortably as possible.  Getting the correct mattress or air bed can be difficult!  Ideally we would try and keep our neck in a neutral position.  If you sleep on your side it’s good practice to ensure your pillow is not too high resulting in your neck being tilted up or on the other hand not too low resulting in your neck positioned down into the pillow.


If the sun is out, then you may choose to relax on the dreaded sunlounger!  The sun lounger can claim victims of sore backs during the holiday as well as on return. The general rule is – Don’t stay in the same position for too long!

As relaxed and chilled as we would like to be, it’s important to get up and move around.  It’s worth going for a stroll or swim as regularly as you can and do gentle stretching exercises in order to keep mobile! The Back2normal team can give you advice on these before you go if needed.


Another important point to remember is, however you travel to your designated holiday location will impact your spinal health.  Whether you are driving or flying, both means of transport involve sitting for long periods of time. If you can, you should try and take breaks around 60-90minutes during the journey or at least get up from your seat and move around to stretch your legs!


The human body is meant to be moving even if it’s holiday time! So why not whilst you are on holiday, take a look to see what activities are on offer to keep the body active!


Back2normal would like to take this opportunity to wish everybody a gorgeous summer and hope to see you soon.