How are we going to get through Winter with COVID 19?

One of the most important things we need to focus on is keeping ourselves as strong and healthy as possible! Here are some tips from the Back2normal team:

Firstly we need to strengthen our immune system through a clean and healthy diet. It is said that we need to be eating the colours of the rainbow – lots of vibrant fruit and veg!

Adding food supplements can be a good idea especially Vitamins A, C, D, and zinc which are good at this time of the year to help us stay clear of colds and flu.

Next exercise! Go outside for some fresh air and aim to walk for 30 minutes at least a day, to get the blood circulating and the body moving. Enjoy the Winter sunshine, whilst it is still there!

What can your chiropractor do for you over the winter season? Book in an annual MOT and service for your body today and our team are ready to help you get healthy!

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