We all want the same for our children! We want them to be happy and healthy! And by getting into these relatively simple habits now is great for their future.

School books might be a thing of the past as kids turn to using ipads and laptops but bags still need to be carried into school. We recommend using a backpack which is used best with both straps to even out the pressure over the shoulders. If one strap is used this will load the shoulder differently and affect the arm swing and the pressure through the hip, knee and foot.

Whether attending classes from home or at school, sitting down with a good upright posture is important.  If using a computer, the ideal setup needs to include the monitor at eye level and a keyboard and mouse at a 90” degree angle of the elbow.  Rest your feet flat on the floor and avoid screen glare!
Teaching might have gone electronic but we still need a good upright posture even for reading or writing at a desk

Times are changing and we seem to be leading more sedentary lifestyles and, teaching your children these small things now will be valuable later on in life.
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